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3 Reasons Live Chat Is So Important In 2018

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat for websites | 0 comments

You don’t have to be a marketing guru to know that quality customer service plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Your customers are the people who spread the word about your products and services and can help your business grow.

Many websites have been adding live chat software in 2018 to their help desk software in order to provide real-time answers rather than having customers leave messages on social media or send emails.  Real-time chatting with a customer support expert not only creates trust with the customer but also gives the customer confidence as they are doing their shopping.  Live chat also increases conversions according to many studies.

Web-based live chat software helps add a human factor to your website and effectively assigns your customer service agents to help customers with any question they may have.

Below you’ll discover why live chat is so important in 2018.

  1. Real-Time Convenience for Customers

The number one advantage of live chat is that it gives your customers convenience.  Online customers love having their questions answered by a live agent as they are doing their shopping.  There are two types of customers who need help and use live chat to get it.  The first are potential buyers, and these are the most common situations in which they need to chat with an agent.

They want to know more about the product.

They are having trouble finding certain items.

They want to compare products.

The second group of live chat users are your current customers. The most common reasons why they use live chat include:

They want to know the status of their recent order.

They want to ask about return policies.

They want to report bugs or make a suggestion on your website.

Another great perk of live chat is that you get instant feedback. For instance, if you something goes wrong on your website, customers can let you know about it.

  1. It Saves Money

Live chat is more cost efficient for many reasons. It increases efficiency by allowing live chat agents to handle multiple chats at the same time, thus you don’t need to hire more agents.  Intelligent live chat software allows multiple options for chat distribution and utilization.

It also increases order value, since customers get the advice they need on the spot.  It saves on product returns as a chat agent and help customers find the right product the first time around.

It also reduces overall helpdesk center costs by lowering the waiting queue time when you compare it to call centers.

  1. Everyone Is Using it

It’s never been more important to stand out from the competition.  The amount of business you’re up against is a lot and continues increasing every day.  Not only small and medium-sized business are recognizing the importance of live chat but also big companies like Apple, SKY, American Airlines and many more are using live chat to be one step ahead of the competition.

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