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The Major Benefits of Using Live Chat on Your Website

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat for websites | 0 comments

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that live chats are great and can allow you to chat instantly with your customers.

You may also know that while live chat and instant messenger apps do share similarities, for instance, both allow you to chat and transfer files, these platforms have differences.

What you may not be aware of, though, is how exactly live chat benefits your company when compared to phone calls or emails.  Let’s find out how.

Use Live Chat to Be Proactive

One of the biggest advantages of using live chat is that your customer service team can use it to initiate dialogue with your visitors: there is no need to wait for them to reach out.  When a visitor arrives to your website, the live chat program can detect what page they are looking at, where else they have been on your website and much more.  This can give you a lot of information of their intentions so that you can initiate a conversation with them.

By being proactive, you give visitors the confidence that they are being looked after while browsing your website. They also know that you are there by their side every step of the way.

It Can Save You Money

While most live chat services are not free, investing in them can reduce the overall cost.  This is because the majority of your customers will prefer to chat with a friendly agent over having to call and speak to someone on the phone.  Depending on the phone service you use, shifting communications online can produce large savings, especially for those offering 800 free phone calls to their customers.

At the same time, live chat can reduce the number of staff you will need to handle customer enquiries, as they can take care of several customers at once and use prewriting responses to frequently asked questions which is something you can’t do over the phone.

It Can Give You Analytics Data

Live chat software gives a great deal of information and relevant data.  It enables you to see traffic and chat request volumes and discover how well your customer service teams handles the questions.  For example, you can evaluate staff performance, monitor chat quality and log customer satisfaction.  It is even possible to link some chat software with Google Analytics so you can see the impact of your live chat on your website.

Using this data, you can monitor how effective your live chat service is operating and make any changes.


Live chat is the most popular way to communicate today.  It’s easy, fast and doesn’t involve any face or voice time, which is great.  From a business point of view, it provides you with the ability to offer great customer service, boost sales, develop customer loyalty and reduce costs.

If you have an online business and are looking for a better way to stay connected with your customers, live chat is the way to go.