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The Perks of Having a Live Chat on Your Site

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat for websites | 0 comments

You might be surprised at the huge impact a live chat can have on your site. It can help with your customer service and sales.  Let us show you the perks of hosting a chat on your website.

  1. Customers Love to Chat

Countless studies have shown that customers love to be able to chat on a website.  Studies show that customers prefer it over any other customer service channel, including telephone and email.  Customers value having a live chat as an option.

Whether it’s used as a customer service tool or as a part of sales, a live chat can give your customers the real-time interaction they want while at the same time being more affordable, trackable and flexible than a telephone call.

For many customers, a live chat is also very convenient and less stressful than having to call and speak to someone on the phone. It’s easier to chat from the comfort of their phone.

  1. They Are More Efficient Than Call Centers

Talking a customer through an issue over the phone can be a great experience for them, but it has a one major problem – each agent can only help one customer at a time.  In contrast, a live chat agent can potentially deal with many customers at once.

What’s better, because it’s entirely text-based, you have the whole transcript of the conversation – ready for analysis by keyword, theme, customer type, sales channel, support ticket outcome or whatever you need.  You can also feed the data from your live chat into your business CRM for a more complete picture of the customer journey.

  1. Live Chats Improve Call Center Deflections

There are always a few interactions that are best handled over the phone.  But many simple queries can easy be solved by a combination of live chat and online knowledge base, leaving your expert call center experts to deal with bigger support tickets.

Existing online support material becomes more valuable, too.  A well-prepared chat agent can direct a customer immediately to the most useful FAQ answer or knowledge base page, without them needing to search through your website.  What’s better, analysis of your live chat session can help you identify gaps or problems with your online support content.  If many customers are asking the same question, you can create new content to answer those questions.

  1. Availability Creates Trust With Customers

By having a live agent on your site and making it available as a support option for your customers, you are creating trust.  Different people prefer different contact options, and by having a wider range of options, customers will feel that you’re more responsive, more available and generally more interested in your products and services.

To really earn trust with your customers with live chat, you need agents who are experienced with live chats and customer service – agents who have accurate keyboard skill, concise writing style and good people skills.

In short – a live chat will help you with customers and make your website more trusted.