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Why Every Business Should Use Live Chat

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat for websites | 0 comments

You’ve seen the chat boxes on the websites you visit.  You may even have used the live chat function when you had to deal with a problem or had a question about a product or service.  However, did you ever consider adding live chat to your own website and using it as a powerful tool for customer service? Live chat has been around for many years and many companies use it today.  In the age of instant gratification, being able to answer your customers’ questions and concerns right away not only helps you reinforce the fact that your company cares about their customers, but also helps you increase sales and boost your profits.

Why Every Website Should Have Live Chat

There are a myriad of perks to using live chat on your website. Here are a few of the benefits:

  1. Live Chat Increases Sales

Because you are able to answer any question right away, live chat helps to increase conversions and sales. Studies have shown that having live chat can increase your sales by up to 20 percent.

  1. Customers Who Can Chat Are Likely To Buy

Countless studies have shown that a website’s live chat option is three times more likely to create a sale over customers who don’t use live chat.

  1. Live Chat Increases Customer Satisfaction

Nearly 90 percent of customers find live chat to be a great option.  Just seeing the option to chat with someone and knowing that chat is an option creates confidence.  When you offer chat to your customers, you’re providing an opportunity for a two-way conversation.  You’re no longer just lecturing them or preaching about your services, you’re actually talking to each other.

  1. Live Chat Improves Customer Service Efficiencies

Not only is the initial chat program easy to set up and easy for your customer service team to know how to use, but the cost per transaction with chat is significantly lower than the cost of other communication channels such as a call center or a social media community.  In addition, with chat, one customer service person can interact with multiple customers at once while still offering one on one service for each.  This decreases your staffing needs and improves efficiency in a huge way.

  1. The Transcripts and Analytics Can Be Reviewed

By reviewing the questions and concerns from your potential customers, you can hone your website to better address those questions which will help you improve your customer satisfaction.

  1. It Gives You The Advantage Over Your Competition

Customers prefer to chat over having to make a phone call or send an email which means that offering live chat on your website can give you a leg up on your competition.

To learn more about using live chat to improve your website, please reach out to us and we will answer any question.  Live chat can improve your company’s satisfaction and boost your profits. So what are you waiting for?