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Why Every Website Needs To Use Live Chat Software

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in live chat for websites | 0 comments

By now, everyone knows the benefits of live chat software. But do you really know all the benefits?

Live chat doesn’t just increase sales.  It doesn’t just help customer support or increase customer satisfaction.

  1. It’s a Low Barrier Option

Live chat is easily accessible.  With chat, customers don’t have to spend time looking for your contact information or your email address.  They simply hit the button and boom they can talk with someone from your company.

  1. A Convenient Option

For customers, one of the key perks of live chat is its convenience.  They can use it with minimal disruptions to their day. They can do so anywhere.

  1. It improves Conversions

Your website is your sales room.  By adding live chat, you equip your sales room with a team of skilled agents in the same way you’d staff a physical sales room.

  1. It Gives a Choice

Some people hate having to make phone calls.  Some hate having to reach out on social media; some avoid physical meetings; some hate having to write an email. Adding live chat to your website gives potential customers another option.

  1. Reduces Errors

One of the forgotten benefits of live chat software Is its effectiveness in cutting down on errors.  Visitors with forgotten logins, or hitting 404 pages, can be helped right away.

  1. Allows You To Save Data

With live chat comes real life data.  The pre-chat survey yields key contact information, chat sessions are full of great information, and post-chat surveys provide you with helpful feedback.

  1. Channel Discretion

A live chat channel funnels angry social media users who demand answers right away into a private and more discreet way.  You can easily fix problems without the world knowing it.

  1. Eliminates Language Barriers

For international businesses, one of the key benefits of live chat software is multilingual capacity.  Your messages can be translated back and forth in real-time, giving your website the upper hand.

  1. Low Cost

Every study shows that live chat is a very affordable channel of communication.  Is a better option and less costly than the telephone as a service channel.

  1. Quick Connections

Rather than waiting on hold and listening to boring music, or waiting an unknown stretch of time for an email response, live chat offers an instant way connection to a live person.

  1. Fast Solutions

As well as quick connection, liv chat also solves issues fast.  On average, it only takes 40 seconds to resolve a query using live chat software, which makes a very efficient channel.

  1. Easy to Monitor

The benefits of live chat software are multifarious for your management team.  With live chat, it’s easy to monitor sessions and transcripts, conduct quality control and both support and supervise your agents.

  1. Prevents Cart Abandonment

By reaching out at the right time with the right chat message, you can prevent a potential customer from abandoning their card and close a deal you were about to lose out on.

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